Pan Page User Guide


Making Changes to the Website

Making minor changes to the website is very quick and simple... 

  • Use chrome
  • Open the PanPage Content Management System at

First you need to log in:    Username:                                                     Password:

Remember the password is case sensitive.

This will get you to the CMS Home page which looks like this…

It’s basically a list of the pages in the website and shows their names and descriptions.

Using quick edit

The quick way to edit your  web page is to click the ‘QuickEdit’  link under ‘website’ at the top left of the page, shown above by a red arrow. 

Panpage quickedit

QuickEdit takes you back to the home page of the website but with a difference.  As you move your mouse over the page, parts of it highlight and the cursor changes to a cross hair...

The parts which change colour are the the ones which you can change. Simply click on any item, and the editor will appear.

QuickEdit takes you back to the CMS and straight to the right place to edit the item you just clicked. 

This is the Edit Item page and it shows an edit box containing the same text that was in the highlighted area that you clicked.

To make a change click in the edit box and start typing.  It’s just like a word processor and you can add and delete text, cut and paste, change text size, weight and colour – all the usual stuff. 

When you’ve finished click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.  QuickEdit saves your changes and takes you back to the QuickEdit view of the website where you can see the result of your changes immediately. 

That’s how quick it is to make a small change to your website!




page last updated: 11/04/2018

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