Add links and downloads to Panpage CMS website


Adding links

In the edit box, add the text you want, including the name of the page or website you want to link to.  Then select  the text you want to be used as the link text  using your mouse. Still in the text editor, look for the icon which looks like a chain link, just to the left of the tree. It only becomes noticeable when text is selected. If you click the link icon, a box comes up.

Insert a link


You can select which page you want the link to go to using the search icon at the right hand side of the URL box.

If you want to link to an external page, type in (or paste) the address of the page you want to link to.

Where it says Target, if you are linking to a page on the website, from the drop down, select  None.

If you are linking to a page on another website, select New window.

Click “OK”

To add a pdf file.

First, save your file as a pdf

Add the “anchor text” eg, brochure.  It’s a good idea to make them stand out, so format it as a Heading 3, and change the colour. Highlight the text.

Upload the file to the downloads folder. This is very similar to adding an image:

  • Click the chain link icon.
  • Click the icon at the right of Link URL box. This brings up loads of files.
  • Click on the Downloads folder – you should see other pdfs there.
  • Click the upload tab (top left)
  • Find your pdf on your computer, drag it into the box
  • Click Upload (bottom right)
  • Select your pdf from the list
  • Click insert
  • The next line is “Target” select “open in new window”.
  • You can upload as many pdf’s as you want – saves time
  • Click save.



page last updated: 08/04/2018

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