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Welcome to the new directory for Pan Pages. Over the last 10 years, hundreds of websites have been built using the panpages content management system.

This site is being developed as the guide for new users, with new content is being added from April 2018

The PanPage CMS is designed to be easy to use for the website owner, and very flexible for the website designer, if they have a little knowledge of CSS and PHP it provides a responsive framework to build virtually any design on. Is has some features which are familiar to most computer users.

Responsive Framework

A website that looks great and works well on a computer monitor may not be so good on the small screen of a mobile phone, and a navigation menu that opens up as you move the mouse over it just won't work on a touch screen.

The answer is a technique known as 'responsive design'.

A responsive website adjusts its page layout depending on the device you use to view it.  Side by side items switch to a one below the other layout so that text stays readable.  It's easy, even natural, to scroll down long pages with a flick of your finger.  Check out the directory examples of websites in both large screen and mobile layouts, or look at this website on both a computer and a phone to see what we mean.

What makes the Panpages websites so good?

Websites built with panpage CMS (not to be confused with the namesake business development Panpages Group of Malaysia and South East Asia, tho we'd love to visit them some day!) are developed for each individual business or organisation. While multi-user is possible, they are particularly suitable for small SME businesses.


page last updated: 05/04/2018

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