Content Management for Small Business Websites

PanPage began as a search for a content management system suitable for small business website projects with a total budget of £1000 or less. We couldn't find anything that would be easy to design with and easy for the site owner to use, so we wrote our own!  PanPage ticks all the boxes...

Easy for Website Owners

  • Changes are quick & intuitive - point, click and edit
  • Add text, bullet points, pictures, slideshows, videos, more pages...
  • Gives full control of content but protects the site design

Easy for Web Designers

  • Design for HTML/CSS just like a hand coded site
  • PanPage delivers content - your CSS is the design
  • or... cheat and use a ready made PanPage theme!

Easy for Search Engines

  • Easy access to head tags: title, description & keywords
  • Generates XML site maps, including images
  • Page based and compatible with Analytics and other tools

Easy to Try - FREE!

For a quick look, check out the CMS Demo website - contact us for login details.
If you run your own local webserver download PanPage and run it free on localhost.

These example sites show the huge variety of looks, operation and features that are possible. Some sites have custom coded elements, some have copied & pasted elements from Google, YouTube, Twitter... there are even some content managed Facebook pages!
Enverflow - stylish and easy to use.
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Enverflow - stylish and easy to use.

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